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What are the various formats of playing Texas Hold’em online?

The trend of online gambling

Physical casinos have ruled the gambling industry for many years. People could gamble with their real money only by playing casino games in these casino houses. But the invention of the world wide web had changed everything. Now, a person can sign up on to a website by sitting at his home and start playing his favorite casino games online. He need not go to a casino to do this. This ease of access and gameplay has made it a lucrative industry for many players who were lazy enough to go to a physical casino house. So, more new players are coming into the industry with their money. With all the resources out there to help them with the rules of every game and the best places to find them, players are becoming experts in the casino. Among all other games, Texas Hold’em is played predominantly.Since 텍사스홀덤 is easy to play online without any confusion, many newbie players are opting to play this game over the others. The number of players going to physical casinos is becoming less since the wave is moving towards online gambling attracted by these types of games. In this article, let us discuss the different formats of online Texas Hold’em in brief. 

Various formats of online Texas Hold’em 

Going online alone will not help the casino houses to attract new customers. In the initial stages, they may have implemented some strategies to begin their journey. But the fast-changing digital consumption will demand frequent changes with the online entities to be engaged with them. So, these online gambling websites introduced different formats for the users to play their favorite casino games like the Texas Hold’em as below.

  • Virtual online Hold’em
  • Live dealer online Hold’em
  • Online Hold’em for mobiles

Virtual online Hold’em

It is the digitized version of the Texas Hold’em. The players will see the flop area, community cards area, and betting areas on the screen. They can start playing the game as they do in the physical casinos but a virtual manner. The dealer will be the computer, and the opponents will be players from around the world. All the actions and numbers involved in the game will be computer-generated. These are the results of the random number generator system, and they will be completely unpredictable. You will only lack the feel of natural gaming on this virtual method. 

Live dealer online Hold’em

Since the virtual gambling method lacks the experience of live card dealing, online websites introduced a different method of gameplay. In this method, there will be a dealer somewhere in a physical casino or a studio and will be dealing with the cards you choose. No random number generators will be in use. You can chat with these dealers if you want to clarify your queries. 

Mobile Hold’em

It is similar to virtual gaming that is compatible with mobile devices without any streaming issues. 


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