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All about Poker rules

Poker is one of the most popular and interesting card games, its simple rules make the threshold for entering the game accessible to anyone. You can master the rules in a couple of minutes and you will need a couple more games to memorize poker combinations. 

The winner of the game is the person with the strongest hand of 5 cards. 99poker rules Mandatory bets must be placed before the cards are dealt. They are made by 2 players clockwise from the dealer. Small blind and big blind literally mean “blind bet”. The big blind doubles the small bet. For example, the small blind is 1, so the big blind is 2. They came up with this so that there were no empty dealings of cards. Each time there is an amount to be won. Next, the players are dealt 2 cards each. Each person has several options for further actions: Fold to discard cards and stop playing in this round. Usually a reaction to a Bet or Raise. The cards are discarded and no longer played; Check in the absence of bets to be confirmed, the player can check. This action passes the word to the next player without raising rates. The game continues; Bet in the absence of bets, the player can raise. The players following him must decide what to do: Fold, Call (support), Raise. The minimum raise is equal to the big blind; Call confirmation of a bet made by another player. If someone has raised in front of you, you must add the same amount to the pot, raise or fold; Raise if someone made a bet on this round, you can raise it. All other players need to support the bet, fold or raise. 

The rules allow you to raise rates indefinitely or as long as you have money. Circles, dealing cards The first round is called Preflop. This is the moment when everyone sees only their 2 cards. At this stage, you can exit the game, support the bet, or play aggressively with a raise. The first move is behind the person sitting clockwise from the big blind; The flop is a circle that reveals 3 cards on the table. Now players can make any combinations using their 2 and 3 community cards. Cards cannot be exchanged. On the flop, the circle begins with the person next clockwise from the dealer. Each player chooses his action check, bet or fold, raise, call, depending on the situation. As soon as the bets are made, the bank is replenished with the sum of the bets; The turn on this circle adds a fourth card to the table. All players can use it in making combinations. The more cards, the more chances of creating a strong combination. Both you and your opponents; River is the last lap and the last fifth card added. All the rules of the previous ones apply to this circle. Upon completion of the auction, the money is added to the general bank.

Maria Sanchez: Maria is a game reviewer who provides analysis and reviews of online casino games, from slots to table games.