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An Essential Guide To fun8888 Premier League Betting

Football betting through online platforms has become a highly prevalent activity in the new age. Many people are switching to the online mode of betting because they can sit in their homes and place bets on any match. When it comes to the Premier League, it would not be wrong to state that it is the domestic league watched by most football fans and that is why betting on its matches in fun8888 is always intense and competitive.

Football betting when deciding the final outcome of the league is tough. However, this season, betting on a winner is quite easy because it is crystal clear that the title race has boiled down to Man City and Liverpool yet again with the two clubs currently having a 6 point difference. Speaking of the remaining clubs, City are far ahead of them in the table and if they are to catch up to the sky blues, they must pray for City to lose all their upcoming fixtures which is impossible for a club that has the best players right now.

Premier League fun8888 Betting Tips

Since it is clear that the title contention has already become a two-horse race between Liverpool and City, it is time to find out who you should put your money on for the title holder and for the teams on the brink of relegation.

  • Recently, City has not enjoyed a massive winning streak in the domestic league. Their match against Spurs, a team who lost to Burnley, managed to make Spurs look like they were the best team in the league for beating a club that is at the top of the table. Against Everton, City still faced a tough challenge and scored just a single goal with Everton currently having an inconsistent form and just points away from relegation. If City wants to hold their lead, they have to go on an unbeaten run yet again.

  • When it comes to fun8888 betting on Liverpool, Klopp’s side has been enjoying their best form to date with no one on the verge of injury. The likes of Salah, Mane, Alexander-Arnold, and others have been showing their best side displaying unbeatable performance. The fresh EFL champions is the only club right now who can get anywhere close to beating Pep’s men and claim victory.

  • While the title contention seems to have boiled down to just two teams, it is safe to say that the relegation zone is where the real competition is taking place with six teams vulnerable to relegation. Currently, Burnley, Watford, and Norwich City are the three teams in the danger zone but Everton are just a point away from relegation and Burnley still has few games in hand. Newcastle have managed to step out of this zone for now with their recent takeover but Leeds have been suffering a losing streak which can hurt their chances of playing in the next season.

These are some essential fun8888 betting tips you need to take into consideration.

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