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Best new casino games to play and choosing the right one

New casino games come along all the time. That’s what makes it so hard to choose the best one to play sometimes. Fortunately, we are well versed in what makes a casino game fun. We’ve taken a close look at some of the best new casino games out there as well as offering a few hints on picking the right one to play. 

Choosing the right game

Picking the right casino game is often hard to do, especially if you’ve not had much experience with casino games. However, there are a couple of things you can investigate to make it easier. A great example is a game like blackjack. Because blackjack has a small amount of skill involved in how the game is played on top of the chance element, it means that it gives players more control than other casino games. However, if you prefer excitement and large prizes, video slots could be the game for you. Fortunately, you can discover lots of different casino games to choose from at the best NJ online casinos. This will make it a lot easier to find the best game for your needs. Look at some of the games we feel are the best around at the moment. 

Guns ‘n Roses video slots

This is a slot that’s perfect for people who love their games fast and exciting. Just like the band themselves, this is a game that puts the pedal to the metal. It has a maximum win of over 1,000 times the player stake in place and has an above-average RTP sitting at more than 96%. It uses 3D graphics of band members as symbols and there are tunes from the band playing in the background. 

Probably the most impressive aesthetic feature here is that when a win is created live clips of the band playing gigs. It really lets you know just how incredible Guns ‘n Roses were at their peak. The self-styled most dangerous band in the world. This is a great slot for anyone who is a fan of G ’n R and slot games in general.

Dream Catcher

What is there to say about Dream Catcher? This is one of the most fun and most impressive casino games on the market at the moment. It gives players the ability to step into the world of playing in their own game show. Dream Catcher provides a live wheel of fortune style game with a real-life host taking you through proceedings. 

When you first start, the host will help you get into the swing of things and make sure that you are completely comfortable with where the game is going. Whenever the wheel is spun, it will land on potential wins. You just have to place a wager before each spin. Then, when the wheel comes to rest, you will discover if you have won. It’s just like being a contestant on a game show and is easily one of the best casino games on the market now.