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Do you want to know the identity of the best soccer tipster on the internet? Well, we will help you find your happiness! First, we will list several criteria to identify it among all football tipsters on the web. Then we’ll tell you where you are most likely to come across the best football tipster. And finally, will we end up challenging you?

How to find the best football tipster?

Predictors there are tons on the web and not only good. On the other hand, to identify the best football tipster, you must evaluate it on several well defined criteria.

He manages a bankroll

It goes without saying, the best 먹튀 폴리스 football tipster manages his own. That is to say that he has a capital (sum of money) for his bets which he will try to make grow as much as possible.

He is rigorous on his bets

And yes, a very good tipster based on his bankroll. In general, it never exceeds 5% of its capital played on a single bet. He can express his stakes in percentage or in the platform. He never talks about money because not everyone has the same capital to allocate to their bets. Thus, it adapts to all player budgets.

He is the specialist in 1 or 2 championships

The best football tipster does not bet on anything and everything because he simply cannot know the specifics and follow the news of all the championships. It is limited to 1 or 2 competitions which it follows regularly. In this way, he optimizes his chances of winning more often.

He justifies his choice of bets

To justify his choices, he provides an analysis in which he gives arguments in favor of his forecasts. Thus, this allows you to understand why he opted for this or that bet. This is an important point that makes the difference between good tipsters and THE best tipster.

He has excellent statistics

Certainly the most important criteria, he has crazy stats! What do we mean by that? Well, it has a ROI (return on investment) greater than or equal to + 30% on at least 1000 predictions made. Basically, if you have a bankroll of € 1,000, you get € 300 in profits. The more bets he played, the better! And believe that it is difficult to find tipsters with such good stats.

It is regular over a season

Finally, it shows consistency over an entire season. He limits bad series to the maximum and almost never knows the phenomenon of variance. With the best football tipster, you win almost every month and you get good long-term benefits.

Where to find the best football tipster?

It is registered on reliable and serious sites, that is to say sites on which you can evaluate the tipster according to all the criteria mentioned above.


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