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Malaysian Esports – Where it came from, where it’s headed.

Esports are a big thing in Malaysia online casino. We have gamers who compete at the highest level and love the thrill of competition. But where did these people come from? And what about the fans? How did Malaysia become such a hotbed for esports?

Let’s take a look!

Malaysia is an interesting country when it comes to esports – there are many gaming enthusiasts who enjoy esports, but not all Malaysians understand it.

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, with over 30 million people and an interesting history of esports. The government has taken steps to include esports as an official sport in their country, which would make it one of the first countries to do so.

The Malaysian government recognizes that there are many gamers who enjoy playing games online or offline and have been taking steps to include these players under their sports department since the early 2000s. In fact, some tournaments have been held here since then!

Most people think that Malaysia has a long history of eSports, but they can’t be more wrong!

Malaysia is a very young country when it comes to esports. Just like any other Asian country with similar cultures, we have been slow to embrace esports as part of our culture. In fact, there are only two major events in Malaysia that have been held over the past decade: The first was in 2012 and was called “ESPORTSM” (or Electronic Sports Malaysia). It was organized by Astro Games under its subsidiary company Arena GamingsSdn Bhd., which later became Garena Malaysia Sdn Bhd., after acquiring all assets from Arena GamingsSdnBhd. The second event occurred two years later at Stadium Merdeka during the Youth Festival 2014; this time around it was organized by GameStart Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., an entertainment company based out of Singapore with offices throughout Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Philippines where they hold similar festivals annually celebrating video games culture throughout those countries.”

Most of the Malaysians have only been aware of eSports in recent years.

  • The popularity of esports has grown dramatically in recent years, and it’s not limited to just one country or region anymore.
  • There are many different types of esports competitions: some involve gamers playing against each other on their own computers; others involve teams competing against each other at an event in front of an audience (or online). These competitions can take place anywhere from small local venues to large stadiums filled with screaming fans!
  • Esports is a global phenomenon that continues to grow every year as more people learn about how fun it can be!


We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of how Malaysia became an eSports nation and its potential for growth. We also want to thank everyone who made this possible, especially the players who have dedicated their lives to making Malaysia proud in international competitions!For more information about this infographic, you can visit our website or check these The Rise of Esports Betting online live casino Malaysia.

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