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The Handicap Bet You Can Go for Now

With the following calculation, you get a new rating (CS = secure rating). If team A wins by 2 or more goals, you win your bet. The calculation of your earnings will be as follows: (M * CS – M1 + M2) which is equivalent to (M * CS – M). In case team A wins exactly 1 goal, your total stake will be refunded. However, if team A loses or draws, you lose your entire stake. Again, it is possible to apply the same calculation for a positive Handicap (H + 1).

Now, let’s see together a concrete example to better understand this method of securing Handicap bets.

A concrete example to understand the mechanism of secure Handicap betting

We will choose as an example the Dundalk-Rosenborg match, a qualifying match to play the next edition of the Champions League.

We will start with the example of the negative 안전토토사이트 Handicap bet (H-1) :

Here are the odds for the “Result” bet on Unibet

Dundalk rosenborg bet

Here is the odds for the “Negative handicap for Rosenborg” bet on Unibet

Negative handicap bet rosenborg

In this case, we will secure our Handicap on the victory of Rosenborg wins by 2 goals or more, refunded if Rosenborg wins by only 1 goal exactly. Take a total bet (M) of € 100 that you would have played on Rosenborg’s victory by 2 or more goals apart.

Now let’s distribute this bet. We will therefore engage:

  • A 1st bet on Rosenborg’s victory: (M / CA) = (100 / 1.85) = € 54.05 (rounded)
  • A second bet on Rosenborg’s victory by 2 or more goals: (M-M1) = (100-54.05) = € 45.95 (rounded)

You will place a 1st bet of € 54.05 on Rosenborg’s victory at the odds of at 1.85. And you are going to place a second bet of € 45.95 on a Rosenborg victory by 2 or more goals at the odds of at 3.20.

Balance sheet (H-1):

  • If Dundalk wins or draws, you lose your € 100 stake
  • If Rosenborg wins by exactly 1 goal, you will pocket: 54.05 * 1.85 = € 100. Your bet is therefore refunded to you. This is the very principle of securing your Handicap bet.
  • If Rosenborg wins by 2 goals or more, you pocket: 54.05 * 1.85 + 45.95 * 3.20 = € 247.04.
  • To obtain your new secure Handicap bet odds, simply divide this last sum by 100, that is: 247.04 / 100 = at 2.47 is the odds equivalent to this bet.

Conclusion (H-1):

In the event that you have placed a single bet of € 100 on the victory of Rosenborg by 2 goals or + (negative handicap) at odds of at 3.20 and that Rosenborg wins only 1 goal, you would have lost 100 € whereas if you had opted for the method of securing your Handicap bet, you would have been reimbursed. By securing your bet, you still get a good odd of at 2.47 in case Rosenborg wins by 2 goals or more.

Maria Sanchez: Maria is a game reviewer who provides analysis and reviews of online casino games, from slots to table games.