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Top 7 Casino Games to Try Online This Year



Casinos are a prevalent entertainment and extra income source. It has always been like that for many centuries already.


However, how did all these gambling dens begin? When did the betting industry start, and how did these casino establishments impact the economy?


What is a casino?


A casino is a building utilized for social pursuits, to be specific, for gambling. It is a facility containing various betting games that thousands to millions of individuals desire to visit to play and earn at the same time. 


How did the casino industry start?


This question is the first thought that numerous people could ever think of, even those expert gamblers. 


Various individuals are keen to know the history of these widespread institutions. This news is not surprising considering it is one of the most well-known and top leading foundations in the worldwide economy.


So, how did it all begin?


The first-ever established casino appeared in Italy during the 17th century, the Ridotto, also known as the II Ridotto. The gambling den was located in Venice in 1638 and provided a controlled and manageable gambling atmosphere.


The name of the betting establishment came from the Italian word, Ridotto, which means The Private Room. The Ridotto was a wing of Venice’s Palazzo Dandolo of the Church of San Mosè’s vicinity. It was the location of the West’s main public, legal merchant casino.


The Casino Industry’s Flourishment 


The success of this establishment encouraged many entrepreneurs. Soon after, casinos began emerging throughout continental Europe back in the 19th century, and the public outburst of these betting lairs continued until today’s epoch.


As the Corona Virus Disease 2019 pandemic’s ongoing outbreak, online casinos developed throughout the years. These virtual gambling games brought convenience, entertainment, and extra revenue to several bettors. On top of that, they don’t need to be anxious and worrisome about giving their confidential information for these websites’ pledges security. Finally, there is a broad scope of various online casino games that are impossible to get bored.


With the 8029 casino games available and over 226 casino software developers, several bettors are overwhelmed and don’t know which game to start playing. 


Thus, the top leading sports betting Kenya company, Chezacash, gathered all the top seven fun casino games to try this year on the created infographic below:



Maria Sanchez: Maria is a game reviewer who provides analysis and reviews of online casino games, from slots to table games.