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What are the different types of bonuses in an online casino?

Bonus – The attraction factor

Everybody in this world likes this word, bonus. Physical casinos have been popular for many decades. Since the arrival of the internet, all physical activities have turned into online services. Casinos did not escape from that. Many companies decided to start online gambling services and called players to sign up on their sites. To attract new players to come in, they introduced the practice of bonuses. They provide sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, etc. Online casino in Malaysia is becoming more popular with many sites offering various bonuses to new and existing players. 918kiss is one of those online gambling sites that offer various bonuses. In this article, let us discuss some of these bonuses available in online casino websites in brief. 

Welcome Bonus

People will try investing real money if they see the information that they will get a bonus when they sign up for the site. It is the strategy that developed into a welcome bonus scheme. As the name suggests, if a player signs up and deposits some money, the casino will give bonus money that the player can use to play. Many casinos offer different types of welcome bonuses like a one-time bonus, divided welcome bonus one at a time for the first three deposits, etc. Many online gambling sites are using this strategy to get new customers. 

Referral Bonus

Will you sit simply if you get the option of getting extra money when you refer your friend to the site? It is the strategy of a referral bonus. To get new players, these casino houses will announce referral bonuses for players who refer to another player. Once the referred player deposits the first time, the referrer will get the bonus amount that he can use for his games. 


A non-cashable bonus is similar to common bonuses, but a player cannot withdraw the amount as cash. He can use it to wager and can take out the winnings, but he cannot take out the bonus amount. Mostly a non-cashable bonus will accompany a no-deposit bonus. Since it is not withdrawable, it is known as a sticky bonus.

No-Deposit bonus

As the name suggests, it is a type of bonus that allows a player to start playing without depositing his real money in his account. Some online casinos offer this type of bonus. It is also known as a free sign up bonus. 

Comp Points

These are the reward points a player can get by winning some casino games. It will be like 3 points, 5 points per game depending upon the amount wagered and the pot size. A player can save these comp points to make it a considerable amount and withdraw them as cash. 


Although bonuses may see lucrative, they have some risks. Some casinos will tell you that the terms have changed after you complete your games and may not give you the bonus they agreed in the beginning. A player should not open many accounts to get more bonuses. 


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