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What Exactly Are Value Betting?

Value bets are a very popular element among high rollers since it is these forecasts that can make money for the user, because they provide a potential profit higher than the one estimated by the bookmaker, for what knowing how to identify and locate them will make us an expert in betting.

In this article, we are going to explain what a Value Bet consists of, how they can be located, and how they differ from Sure bets.

What Is A Value Bet?

A Value Bet is a very well-paid bet. In other words, the value assigned to a value bet is greater than the real probability that the event on which it is based will happen, due to an erroneous estimate by the bookmaker, who has failed to calculate the probabilities.

And it is that the calculation of the odds is made based on the established betting offers when determining the probability that a certain event will finally happen, such as the victory of team A over team B.

Strategies For Finding Value Bets

There are two methods to learn how to locate Value Bets:

  • Mathematical Method

We must first calculate the probability that the bookmaker offers for a certain event based on the odds it provides, and then we must calculate our percentage based on statistical data that we have previously selected and that we believe offer us a real image of the possible success of that event.

  • Experienced Method

Not everyone is willing or does not have the time to invest in carrying out a complete statistical analysis of a certain match to extract the real probability of an event in question (victory, draw or defeat). In this case, the experience as a soccer expert can provide us with the necessary knowledge to detect Value Bets.

How Are Value Bets Different From Sure Bets?

Value Bets are, in practice, the opposite of a Sure bet. In other words, while a Value Bet is a bet with a certain risk that offers us the possibility of earning more money; a sure bet is a safe bet, one in which the risk is minimal but so are the possible benefits.

Maria Sanchez: Maria is a game reviewer who provides analysis and reviews of online casino games, from slots to table games.