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Bets You Can Hope for in Sports

Bet Championships it is exactly the same principle as before. A 먹튀사이트 tipster can play on several championships (Ligue 1, Champions League, NBA) but have different results depending on the competition. Thus, it is advisable to take into account these stats before following a tipster.

Betting formulas used: there are several types of betting formulas (single, combined or multiple). A tipster can also have a better history depending on the formulas it plays. Its ROI is for example 15% on singles and 3% on handsets. You immediately know that this tipster performs better on its single bets.

This type of data is also available on app and online platform. So you can start following the best tipsters.

Quality of analysis

A very good tipster will generally offer you a detailed analysis of all his forecasts. Thus, he can justify his choices and show you why he opted for this or that bet.

It is therefore one of the criteria to watch for following a tipster

It is then necessary that the analysis is of quality and that the arguments are reliable: does the tipster rely on verifiable data like the form of the teams, the history of the meetings, the calendar? Did he mention the names of those absent (and the platform)? All this information is of paramount importance to conduct a good analysis.

A good tipster cannot be satisfied with justifying its prognosis by claiming for example “I see OM winning against Angers”. Unless the history of its balance sheet is excellent, it is still advisable to follow a tipster who correctly argues his sports bets.

On the online platform site, it is also possible to filter the forecasts to obtain only those which are argued from an analysis. To do this, and click on “Types” => “With analysis”.

By accessibility, we wish to raise several points:

Are the forecasts well-presented and easy to read? If it’s impossible to clearly and quickly identify a tipster’s prognosis, it’s not worth following it. On online platform, we have given a lot of importance to this aspect of presentation of the forecasts. This makes it easier and faster to read a forecast.

Are the forecasts posted at a suitable time? Obviously, bets must be posted early enough before kick-off to be able to play them. Likewise, a tipster who often posts at night will be less likely to be followed.

Are the bets affordable?

Have you spotted a good tipster but have you looked at its average stakes? Do you have the possibility of following his bets? If not, make sure you can take advantage of his predictions even by betting smaller amounts. Indeed, it is possible that your profitability will be much longer to obtain than this tipster and you could quickly tire.


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