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The Best Winning Units for the Sports betting Deals

Already when you are supposed to be moving to Marseille, a team that should be in the top 3 of the championship, which that year ended in 4th place and that you have only a hill of 1.11 knowing that in addition what match there was refunded (2-2), worse still without the goal in Cavani’s overtime, you could have lost a unit. It gives you some leads.

We are going to take another random game. Metz-PSG the PSG Draw No Bet was – by being nice – 1.02. So for our calculations we took the PSG victories with a generous score of 1.1 to make it easier for everyone. Suddenly for 29 PSG victories that gives you 2.9 units of gains. Knowing that you remember that we told you that the PSG had lost 3 units. If you calculate 3-2.9 you are in slight loss. You should even be a little more than that, since we took a rating of 1.1 knowing that they must be 1.05 or 1.06 a year.

Over the last year for PSG playing Draw no Bet did not work

So we are going to be told, Benoît, that may be an exception. Okay, so let’s take 2016/2017 well already it is Monaco which is champion. With 5 losses for 27 wins, you are probably already losing. Knowing that the ribs were much the same, with two defeats two more. (Even if we notice a rise of 0.15 on the Marseille PSG match compared to 2017).

It absolutely does not work on Ligue 1.

And in Italy, does the Drawnobet method work?

We will now move to Italy. Juventus has been champion for a while now. So when we say play Juve, we are going to say that you will not have played it immediately, except that the bookmakers are not stupid and have already adapted the ribs. In case of 토토 먹튀 sites this is important now.

So for 2017/2018, we note, 30 victories, 5 draws and 3 defeats, which is roughly the same as for Paris. So Juve we say we can make some money. You could be right, but for that you have to go see the away games against its direct competitors where these are where the ribs are most interesting. So indeed, they went to win in Milan 2-0 with a DNB at 1.40, to win in Naples 1-0 a hill of 2.61. So there you make a profit of 1.61. With only 3 losses you have almost made up for all your losses. At Fiorentina 1.31, Lazio 1.65 and Inter 1.74. It was perfect, it was very good.

Conclusion: You have won this year in this championship. So you make a nice profit of about 3 units.


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