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This way of managing your bankroll is very popular with professionals, and is confusing for beginners. So why transform your bankroll into a unit?

Protect your bankroll

Since your bankroll is divided by 100, you avoid any risk of losing your bankroll at once, if you respect the number of units you can bet in the 토토 site.

Measure performance

This allows you to effectively evaluate your performance, since the units are calculated as a percentage and not as a fixed sum.

Standardize your vocabulary

Each trader / bettor has a different bankroll size, and therefore the size of the bets differs from person to person. By indicating units, rather than sums of money, you adopt a common vocabulary with others which automatically adapts to the size of your bankroll.

When a tipster recommends that you bet a unit. You do not need to worry about the amount he wagers (10, 20 €, etc.), but simply the value to which a unit corresponds to your bankroll.

By reasoning by unit, you can also easily assess and compare your performance. System A brought me 6 units while System B only brought me 5 units.

You are not biased by a result indicated by a sum of money, little indicative of the performance of a system, you can analyze that A is better than B.

Reduce psychological pressure during losing descents

Managing financial losses is particularly difficult, by calculating in units you take distance from the sums committed, to stay focused.

To win, you have to start by avoiding losing more than your bankroll allows and this depends on the way you manage your bets. It’s up to you to customize and implement the best betting strategies and beware of Martingale, Fibonacci, etc. strategies. You should have understood the importance of betting only a small percentage of your bankroll and accumulating your winnings gradually. For bettors looking for a plan to get rich quick no strategy will work. The winning strategies are all cumulative and disciplined. It’s boring, but if you want to make long-term profits from your betting activities, you’d better get to the idea than in this race: caution and consistency wins.


The emergence of betting exchanges like Betfair has completely transformed the world of sports betting. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Betfair has built a reputation for trust and has become an authority among betting exchanges. The purpose of this guide is to help beginners to learn how to use Betfair Exchange, to start Sport Trading and Matched Betting serenely or simply to enjoy better odds for your bets. Finally put all the odds on your side to start winning your sports bets!


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